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thirty years experience


Over 30 years experience, means we are here to stay! We are proud to be caring for second generations of our families. Their repeated trust and loyalty are our biggest compliment.

children's on-site playground equipment

Established in 1978, we remain one of Omaha’s top rated childcare centers. We believe maintaining high standards and consistent staffing is essential to providing the best possible care. Your child will learn from familiar faces, which creates continuity of care and an overall better learning environment. Studies have shown that when a child can relate to the same teacher on a daily basis, learning is enhanced. Our staff quickly become familiar with your child and his/her individual needs.


We at Children’s Express believe that caring comes from the top; we treat each staff member as if they were our own family with loyalty, respect and caring being the center of our focus. Setting the standard with these characteristics provides excellent examples to our children and staff. These core values will remain with your children for a lifetime.


Having been in the Omaha area for over 30 years, we have developed strong relationships with our surrounding school districts and the community. These relationships with local elementary schools that your children attend, assures you that your children will be better prepared for their educational future and allows them an easy transition into a teaching system they are accustomed to.

Pediatric Nurse & Elementary Educator Owners


Pediatric Nurse and Educator Owner

Ownership makes a difference. Being part of a childcare owned by a teacher and a nurse provides opportunities that simply can’t be found in other childcare centers.


To start, teachers understand the importance of preparing your child for success in elementary education and are skilled in the art of finding the best way for children to learn. They understand that children learn differently and are able to focus on each child’s individual needs.


Teachers are preparing your child in many ways, by teaching them academic, social and physical skills. Learning through play and providing the ability to interact with children of many of ages better prepares your children to handle the multiple challenges that they will face throughout life.


Pediatric nurses are trained to monitor and encourage childhood development. Attaining academic and physical milestones is of key importance in becoming successful young adults. By monitoring your children we will be able to keep you informed of daily progress and tailor your child’s learning and overall development to their individual needs. As a parent you can enjoy the assurance and safety of knowing your children are in the care of an actual healthcare provider.

The Nurse and teacher work hand in hand
to benefit your children.